What payment methods do you accept?

How do I pay your invoices online?

Do I have to mark my sprinkler heads for the aeration?

Should I water my lawn before the aeration?

Do I need to be home for aeration, power raking, yard clean up, etc.?

What fertilizer products do you use?

What time will your crew stop by my property for services such as aeration, power raking, etc.?

Do you offer one time lawn mowing?

What can you tell me about your weekly lawn mowing service?

What happens if it rains on my mowing day?

When does the mowing season start and end

Do I need to be home for the sprinkler blowout?

Do you provide a guarantee for frozen/cracked pipes from your sprinkler blow out?

Is your fertilizer kids and pet friendly?

Do I need to water after my lawn is fertilized?

Do you work on holidays, such as Memorial Day, July 4th, etc.?

Do you work weekends?

Do you carry general liability insurance?

Is my credit card information protected?

Do you do snow removal?


We understand that new business is based on the quality of work we have performed, which is why we aim to provide top-quality work every time.